It’s unusual for me to get compliments from my tenants during a construction project. While CCB was performing work at the Noblesville project, several tenants noted the level of professionalism and quality of workmanship.
— Philo Lange, Partner NAI/Olympia Partners

"There is an old saying THAT WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING. That was the case Friday when the flood waters were surrounding our Corporate building and plant, Mike and his crew went into action to save us from flooding. They installed floor drain plugs, put out sand bags and watched over everything. Fortunately the waters came within 6 or 8 feet of the Corporate building and then started to recede. Some water was in the dock area and the doorway to the new dock office but did not flood the plant. We are very thankful to be spared. A special THANK YOU for the efforts of the CCB team." -Gary Meade, President - Park 100 Foods

"The construction part of our work is the easy part – most companies that call themselves contractors can get the work done eventually. What sets a company apart is the vision they have in exceeding the customer’s needs. Charles C. Brandt Construction Co. has again proven that you have the vision." -Darrell Gossett, President - Ermco Electric

"I have overseen the construction of over 70 Shoe Carnival spaces and this was one of the best I have ever experienced. Your project supervision was excellent. The attention to detail, schedules, and overall coordination was without question the best I have ever known. CCB went the extra mile in accommodating our needs. I have never seen a more organized and immaculate job."  -Dave Bogan, Project Manager - Shoe Carnival Inc.

"I want to mention how happy my management and myself are with the facilities your men have built for us. When the project was handed off to me several months ago I was pleased to find out that CCB was again picked to build another site for us." -Phil Janeway, Facilities Manager – Time Warner Telecom

"Over the past few years, after working with other general contractors, it makes me appreciate working with Charles C. Brandt Construction Co. Your company is fair and has integrity.  I will continue to recommend you…" -Lynn Hynes Foster, Principal – CSO Architects.

"I want to express my gratitude for the diligence, persistence and work ethic of your team. Through the unrealistic time frame for building shells, weather, and utility infrastructure, they performed consistently with unwavering diligence. Without you team’s knowledge and ability to massage this job, Muncie Plaza would not be here today." -Gregory Kreegar, Project Manager - Simon Property Group

At our annual business meeting, we chose to use your firm as the example of the quality we want our people to strive to achieve.
— Darrell Gossett, President - Ermco Electric

"In just a few weeks we have accomplished exactly what we wanted. We don’t just have a plan, we have what I believe is the well considered best plan for our needs. We don’t just have an estimate, we feel informed about the costs and we have a good sense of reasonable options and their cost/benefit considerations." -Bret Eckhart, President -Eckhart & Co., Inc.

"I have helped build more than a few of our restaurants and it is a pleasure to say that this was by far, the smoothest and best run job I have been involved in to date. Your team was without equal. The day to day challenges and problems that always come up in a project of this complexity were handled and expedited efficiently and with minimal disruption to our timetable. The virtually fluid interaction of your subcontractors with each other and your staff has us taking our hats off to you – I can’t remember ever having had such a cohesive effort on our behalf." -Bill Wallace, Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc.

"On behalf of the entire Muncie Mall staff I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the professionalism displayed by Charles C. Brandt Construction Co. during the renovation and expansion of the Muncie Mall. I have had the opportunity to work for Simon Property Group for 18 years and during this time I have been involved with several renovation and expansion projects. I can honestly say that your onsite representatives have been one of the most determined groups of individuals I have ever had the occasion to work with." -Steve Buckley, Mall Manager – Simon Property Group

"Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and the staff at CC Brandt Construction for your cooperation and efforts in turning over the Traders Point project on time. The numerous revisions and short schedule made this a difficult task and your company performed as you had represented they would. We look forward to future projects with CC Brandt." –Michael Green, Director of Development - Dick’s Sporting Goods

When a client asks me to recommend a contractor, I say Charles C. Brandt.
— Carla Day, Architect

"We have been working together for many months on this extensive project--we have encountered some tough times we needed to work through, but the over-arching feeling I have is that you are an incredibly committed, experienced,  kind and always professional.  The degree of dedication and commitment you have is so rarely found in today's world.  I am proud to know you and I deeply appreciate all that you have done to guide the monumental project to completion.  You indeed have made a sincere difference." -Christel DeHaan, CEO - Christel House Foundation

"You are a contractor that makes my problems go away…" -Chris Ayers, Property Manager - NAI Olympia Partners