With a talented staff possessing hundreds of years of combined industry experience, Charles C. Brandt Construction Co. is a premiere self-performing General Contractor in the State of Indiana.


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From One America to Famous Footwear, to Hotel Esplendor to Park 100 Foods, Charles C. Brandt's niche is not in one commercial industry, but in adding value to our client's dollars. We take on projects of all shapes and sizes. We love to begin the pre-construction phase as early as possible because that's where we can add the most value for you; as a teammate to help you make some of the tough decisions. 


We have extensive experience working with residential clients who have multi-million dollar budgets. Projects like these require specialized focus, incredible attention to detail, and exceptional project management. Time and time again, we have delivered beyond expectations.


We do big jobs, so surely we wouldn't change a door or service the needs of one of your smaller buildings... right? Wrong! Of course we would! We know that clients have needs beyond their large projects and keeping in line with our client focus and dedication to long-term relationships, we love to meet client needs of service work wherever it is appropriate.