Portraits by Jennifer Driscoll

Steve Lankton
 Owner, President


Jack Lautenschlager
Owner, Chief Operating Officer


Project Management & Staff

Lindsay Fernandez
Director of Project Management

Corey Serowik
General Superintendent

Scott Black Director of Business Development

Ruth DiLiberto
Project Assistant

    Mary Freeman   Accounting

Brad Ehle   Superintendent 

Mick Ottinger Superintendent

Ted Wells     Project Manager      -

Kapena O'Neal   Director of Safety -

 Adam Petruska    Marketing Coordinator 

Jan Linne Accounting

Ryan Barker  Superintendent

Tom Droulliard  Superintendent

Brad Walker  Superintendent

Chris Shilkett Superintendent

Dustin Corbett
Senior Project Manager

Daniel Schrader
   Project Engineer    -

Chris Hendrickson    Project Assistant     -

Mark Perry   Controller  

Gary Stansberry Superintendent

Dustin Brookshire   Superintendent


Tracy McDonald Project Assistant

LeeAnn Lankton
   Project Manager      -

James Jackson      Project Manager    -

    Terri Guthrie           Receptionist            -

Katie Baker   Accounting

Mike Farmer  Superintendent

Jeff Nichols Superintendent


Jackson Lautenschlager Project Engineer