Steve Lankton, President & CEO

Jack Lautenschlager, COO

Lindsay Fernandez, Director of Project Management


Project Management & Staff

Corey Serowik
General Superintendent

Scott Black Director of Business Development

Ruth DiLiberto
Project Assistant -

    Mary Freeman   Accounting

Ted Wells     Project Manager      -

Kapena O'Neal   Director of Safety -

 Adam Petruska    Marketing Coordinator 

Jan Linne Accounting

Dustin Corbett
Senior Project Manager

Daniel Schrader
   Project Manager    -

Chris Hendrickson    Project Assistant     -

Mark Perry   Controller  

Senitra Evans Project Assistant

LeeAnn Lankton
   Project Manager      -

James Jackson      Project Manager    -

    Terri Guthrie           Receptionist            -

Katie Baker   Accounting

Jackson Lautenschlager Project Engineer