Building Wellness: Constructing a healthier workplace

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The team at Charles C. Brandt Construction has decided it’s time to construct a healthier workplace. In order to insure that our team is well informed about healthy living and given the resources it takes to improve overall wellness, we have implemented a new “Building Wellness” campaign.

          On Wednesday, January 27, all of our employees were invited to attend the first Wellness Seminar of the year presented by a team from American Health and Wellness. The speaker educated our staff about healthy eating and nutrition as well as taking everyone’s weight’s and BMI’s in order to analyze progress in the future. Project Engineer Rob Jones enjoyed the seminar explaining, “I now know that I am at my ideal weight if I was 13 feet tall.” Likewise, Accounting Clerk Mary Freeman appreciated the seminar stating, “I thoroughly enjoyed learning new tips on how to sleep better and eat healthier so that I am feeding my body the nutrients and hydration it needs on a daily basis. I am super excited that Charles C. Brandt Construction is helping me with this wellness campaign to be able to be the best person I can be on a daily basis.”

One the last Wednesday of every month, American Health and Wellness will hold wellness seminars at CCB’s headquarters. Our dedicated health coach will make herself available to our entire staff throughout the entire year in  order to help them set goals and stay on track with the items they have set out to accomplish. Additionally, Charles C. Brandt Construction’s wellness committee that was formed late last year will come up with employee incentives and challenges to keep the entire company engaged.

So what’s the “quick and dirty” of starting wellness program at your company? We believe that the bottom line is quite simple; healthier employees make for a stronger organization. If you’re looking to build a workplace with more staff camaraderie, greater productivity, and less absenteeism, and organization-wide wellness initiative can help you get there. And the gravy? Lower insurance costs.  "We want our workforce to be healthy and happy and to know that we're concerned about their well-being," Kelly Ann Janssen says. "There are organizations that use these kinds of programs as a recruiting tool, and we're trying to become one of the most desirable companies to work for in Indiana. It’s one more way that we can show how dedicated we are to strengthening our workforce.”

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