CANwhat? CANstruction!

If you're a Hoosier then you know that the Indiana State Fair is much more than a month of going downtown to see animals and ride the Ferris wheel. You can find almost anything at the Fair, it's actually pretty ridiculous.

Take your pick from the plethora of unhealthy food surrounding you (Do I want fried Twinkies or fried Oreo's today? hmm...). See your favorite bands perform at the Free Stage. You're a country music fan? Great! Enjoy music from Rodney Atkins, Frankie Ballard or Big & Rich, completely free of charge. Not so into country but love the oldies? You'd probably like KC & The Sunshine Band, Rusted Root and The Village People. It's amazing the variety of concerts, food, animals and rides that you'll find at the State Fair.

And don't forget about corn! This is Indiana and what's the Indiana State Fair without a delicious ear of buttery corn?! (Nothing, that's what.)

All of this is great but at the CCB office there is one State Fair event in particular that we gear up for all year... 


CANstruction is a charity event that is held in hundreds of cities across the world. Construction companies and architecture firms team up in their respective areas to create imaginative, exciting and relevant structures made entirely from cans.

The organization's mission: "to feed and inspire the world- one can at a time." CANstruction is the perfect way to combine two of CCB's favorite things: construction and philanthropy.

All of the cans used during CANstruction at the Indiana State Fair go straight to Gleaner's Food Bank of Indiana

There is no other project like it, which is one reason we find it so exciting. We were lucky enough to work with arcDESIGN for yet another amazing CANproject collaboration (see what I did there?). Since the Fair's theme this year is "Year of the Farmer" we decided to combine a classic painting, American Gothic, with everyone's favorite tiny yellow movie stars, the Minions!

Nine hours of precise can placement and very few bump-spills later (phew!) we completed our Minion farmers! 

Head to the Fair to see our FARMinion creation and many others at the Harvest Pavilion!

PS- You're wondering what the Minions' hair is made out of, aren't you? Beef jerky, of course!