CCB on Safety

Charles C. Brandt Construction | Metropolis Mall Redevelopment Project

Safety is always the first thing on our minds at Charles C. Brandt, and we have the record to prove it. Our team has gone nearly 10 years without a ‘lost time accident.’ What this means is that no employee has suffered a work-related accident or injury that prevented them from coming back to their job the next day.

We are one of only a few MICCS qualified general contractors.
— Jack Lautenschlager

We are one of a few MICCS qualified general contractors. MICCS (Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety) is an organization that helps construction companies and their jobsites avoid injuries and illnesses. We work with MICCS on a weekly basis to ensure the safety of our employees and anyone else who might visit one of our jobsites.

Within the company, we do quite a few different weekly activities that promote safety and keep the topic ever-present in our minds:

Toolbox Talk- Chuck's Safety Minute

This is a fun and informative article that employees receive weekly. The contents are discussed, either in the office or in the field, and each employee must acknowledge that they have read and understand what was talked about. This is an easy way to get everyone involved in safety updates and any concerns for the week.

Near-Miss Hotline

The near-miss hotline is a tool that is both helpful and simple to use. If someone witnesses a situation where an accident could have occurred but didn't, they call the hotline and report it. Then, each Monday superintendents get a list of the near misses for the week and they discuss them with their teams, making sure to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Weekly Job Safety Analysis

This is specific to our employees working on site. Each team looks at what they will be doing that week and creates a list of the safety concerns that should be on their minds. They then construct (get it?!) ways that they will address these concerns, in turn preventing potential accidents and injuries.

Along with these weekly tasks taken to ensure safety, there are also a number of annual trainings that occur, including first aid and CPR, competent person fall protection, fork lift training, and other required OSHA trainings.

Visit the safety page of our website for more information.