Energy from Amazon Wind Farm Used to Power Data Centers

COO Jack Lautenschlager and Superintendent Gary Stansberry in Fowler.


One of many specialties we possess at Charles C. Brandt. We have begun an exciting project in Fowler, Indiana at the Amazon Wind Farm. Our job in this big-scale endeavor is to pour concrete foundations for the transformer substations. 

These transformers take the energy that the windmill generates and deliver it to the electrical grid.

We became aware of the job thanks to electrical subcontractor Casteel Corporation, out of Pennsylvania, who we have done work with before. 

The wind farm will contain  65  turbines.

The wind farm will contain 65 turbines.

Facts on the Project:

Officially called Amazon Wind Farm (Fowler Ridge), this plant will be home to 65 American made wind turbines. The energy it produces is expected to generate 500,000 megawatt hours of wind power annually, enough to power 50,000 for an entire year. This power will supply Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers with energy. 

A few years ago, Amazon made a commitment to power all of their data centers using strictly renewable energy. This wind farm is one step of many the company is taking to become more environmentally friendly and we are so excited to be involved.

CCB Project Manager Lindsay Fernandez will work along side Project Engineer James Jackson, Project Assistant Ruth DiLiberto, Superintendent Gary Stansberry and labor foreman Tom Drouillard.