Third Jockamo Pizza Opens at Fort Harrison

Jockamo Pizza | Indianapolis, IN

Owners Bob Stark and Mick McGrath of the local Jockamo Pizzeria approached us in October of 2013 to do renovation work at their original location in Irvington. It opened in 2007 and was in need of a makeover. They had purchased the storefront next door and wanted to expand their main seating area and add a bar to create a space with more options and greater flexibility. The problem was that for years the space's previous owner hadn't done a great job of taking care of it. That's where we came in. Cue the superhero-themed music.

The pizzeria stayed open during the renovation, keeping both the owners and the customers happy. It was a quick but important job and we were able to show our efficiency and dedication to such a degree that we were eventually asked back to build-out their newest location at 56th Street and Lawrence Village Parkway.

“This project was obviously going to go to Charles C. Brandt again because of the quick time frame and the way that they worked with us at our Irvington location.”
— Marshall, GM of Jockamo's Lawrence Location

Of superintendent Kevin Hartman, Marshall says, "He was great, easy to work with and available literally on a Friday night when something was wrong, which happened our first Friday."

From the time we arrived on site, it took about 8 weeks to complete. The space, that is now open for business, looks amazing inside and out. It contains a main dining room, a large room off the kitchen, a patio, and a bar area (see photos below). 

Apart from the Lawrence and Irvington locations, Jockamo has a third in Greenwood. Head to your nearest Jockamo pizza to try their delicious specialty pies- our favorite's the Cheese Louise!