Would you want to work with you? Leadership do's and don'ts.

Every Company Needs a Great Leader

Every Company Needs a Great Leader


Communicate your vision and strategy often

Set the highest standards for performance

Be a straight shooter

Demonstrate the values of honesty, integrity, respect

Demand the same of your employees

Encourage teamwork and peer support

Make customers and employees feel important

Think straight.

Remove your emotions from making decisions

Bring out the best in people

Focus on an individual’s good qualities.

Be open-minded

Be assertive, with tact and diplomacy

Learn to communicate with people on all levels

Strive to be fair in all situations

Make it a habit to ask this question:  ”Is there anything I should know about?”

Make it a habit to ask this one too:  ”How can I help you with this?”

Help people manage change

Bring out the best in people

Believe in people before they believe in themselves.

Motivate, appreciate

Nip problems in the bud

Tell people what you know and what you don’t know. They will respect you for it.

Support a charity

Let your employees chose the charity.

What’s right


Let a single day go by without talking to a single employee or group of employees

Tolerate negativity, gossip, poor performance

Forget to smile and say hello to employees when you pass them in the hall

Fail to say you are wrong when you realize it


Attack anyone’s ego, correct performance, or confront anyone in front of others

Take anyone for granted

See things only through your own eyes

Be a “Firehoser” and shoot down ideas

Let difficult people or situations get the best of you

Lose your conviction, commitment

Be inconsistent


Show favoritism

Come to work in a brand new Mercedes if you haven’t given people a raise in 3 years

Fail to explain why you do what you do, why you have made decisions, etc

Ramble on

Give big bonuses to sales people and nothing to your employees

Allow someone else to ramble on during a meeting