Our 1929 Ford Model A Pickup Truck

Our original 1929 1/2 Ford Model A Pickup helps us to remember our heritage and the thousands of projects we have built in Indiana and other places in the United States since the company started over 110 years ago.  This is a rare and exceptional truck.  It is a 1929 and "1/2" because of the driver's side mirror location.  The mirror was moved up on the window frame part-way through the production year at the Ford Motor Company.  We love bringing this rolling sparkle of CCB history to client grand openings, various association golf outings, community parades and more.  It runs great and is an ongoing source of pride for our staff.

Broadmorr CC Golf Outing 2017 (27) R.jpg
Ford Truck 1929 Scott Photo R.jpg


Along with the classic lines and near perfect condition, the hand-painted company sign graphics really make this vintage truck stand out.  We hope it shows who we are, and where we came from.

Indiana State Fair.jpg

indiana state fair

We received so many ooh's and aah's at the Indiana State Fair when we put our truck on display for their car show.  Nothing against the other vehicles on display, but many people wanted their pictures made with our classic.  It was a fun day for us too.