Linden House Front.PNG

As you can see from the scale of this home, this is not your typical, run of the mill residential project. It required an immense amount of craftsmanship, project management and planning. Charles C. Brandt Construction is extremely proud to be the builder of one of the most iconic and beautiful homes in Indiana.

Linden House is the realization of a long held dream for an Italian-style house in America where friends can join to share music and laughter. Construction began in 2003 and lasted five years until the final touches were completed in 2007. Linden House contains a large sala for concerts, a formal living room, dining room, outdoor terraces perfect for entertaining and four guest bedrooms. A private suite of rooms provides a kitchen, informal living area, master bedroom suite and office. Also included in the home are an indoor pool, garages and service spaces.

The owner's intention was to create a place evocative of the great European villas built and inspired by Andrea Palladio. What we created was more than a home. It is now a sanctuary of sorts where music and art, eating and drinking, and good conversation flawlessly blend together and become the background for enjoyment and the creation of lasting memories.