A 1985 Purdue University graduate, Jack Lautenschlager's first job out of college was at the Indiana Department of Transportation in their research division. Just two years later, on October 22, 1987 (yes- he listed this off without any hesitation), Jack jumped right in at CCB as Steve Lankton's Assistant Project Manager.

Like many of our employees, Jack grew with the company. He's had many roles and titles since he began- Field Engineer, Superintendent, Project Manager, General Superintendent (on June 3, 1991), and Vice President of Field Operations- allowing him to gain experience and build the leadership skills that would eventually lead him to his current role as Chief Operations Officer.

Jack has one son (who's name is ironically, or not so ironically, Jackson) and two daughters, Olivia and Hannah with his wife Beverly. When he's not making people laugh at the office, which he does regularly, Jack enjoys to garden and read.

You never know when you might need some Jack Lautenschlager trivia, so here's a fun fact- He spent 20 years as an IndyCar racing official and loves the sport. He's also scary good at remembering exact dates of events, as you can see above.

“I can truthfully tell you that I enjoy coming to work every day. I like to be able to make a difference- not just in building something but also in the lives of the people I work with and in the lives of my family.”