Chris Hendrickson earned a degree in interior design at Butler University before working for several design firms and a general contractor here in Indy. A colleague of hers made the move to CCB and Chris was enthralled by what she heard about the company. The environment, friendly, caring staff and company ethic of investing in employees attracted her to join the firm in 1995.

Over the years Chris has helped with projects including the convention center, work in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina and hotel projects in Miami Beach, Florida.

“My favorite aspect at CCB has to do with the people and the work ethic. The company culture puts clients at the forefront.”

“I’ve done a lot of personal growth at CCB. I have always been encouraged to learn, take risks and leaps of faith. Personal growth is a huge part of the organization’s culture – and those mentors have become really good friends over the years.”

In her spare time Chris enjoys spending time with her children – which leaves little time for hobbies these days. She actively supports her son’s Boy Scout endeavors and her daughter’s participation in Warren Central’s Color Guard. When she has time she enjoys reading historical as well as contemporary fiction.